St. Ann’s High School, Tarnaka is a highly prestigious Institution which has over the years proved to be a starting point for girls in their quest for excellence as seen in the many success stories of students who have studied here. It has been a portal for many to achieve and accomplish much in their lives.

St. Ann’s is grounded in values that nurture the individual, promoting the personal well -being as well as the cross-cultural understanding in a tolerant environment where values of truth and integrity are upheld.

The motto of the school  is  ‘PURSUE TRUTH’ and  we urge our students to hold on to the truth which will enlighten their paths, brighten their lives  and provide a holistic growth thereby transforming them into competent and responsible citizens of our Nation.

Our school is based on Christian Principles and offers opportunities to both gifted and enthusiastic students. Education in our school  is also, inclusive which accommodates  an impressive culture of involvement in other aspects  like sports, performing arts and other community services.

I quote the words of an American Psychologist-   ‘Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten’. For all our students, education lies not just in the strength of our examination results but in the values and attitudes that last for a lifetime. In addition, we are a school with strong values, setting the highest standards of integrity in line with our motto ‘Pursue Truth’.We also nurture, encourage and guide our students to gain leadership qualities which is valuable not just in their adolescence but can be carried over into their adult life.

We are looking forward to forging wonderful partnerships with you, dear parents, as we work together to give your child the  very best school education. Your cooperation is also solicited in maintaining discipline and providing a conducive environment for the all-round development of the child.

 I encourage you to take time and explore our website and we hope that browsing through the website will give you a glimpse of your child’s life in our school.

I wish you good luck and beseech the blessings of the Lord Almighty for all who enter the portals of this Institution.


Sr. Felicita Gali